Assessing & Correcting Breathing & Oral & Facial Muscle Dysfunction 

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) are dysfunctions such as mouth breathing, snoring, teeth grinding, improper tongue rest or swallow or sucking habit.  Over time, OMDs can cause crooked teeth, TMJ pain & dysfunction, sleep disorders, difficulty chewing, weak lips & cosmetic problems.  OMDs are often correlated with neck & back problems.  Breathing pattern disorders affect the ability to relax, to oxygenate the body & to have restful & rejuvenating sleep. 

Videos & Podcasts
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  • Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown

  • The Breathing Cure, Patrick McKeown

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  • Shut your mouth and save your life, George Catlin

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What to Expect: 

Regular appointments are conducted via online video conference. During the initial assessment (which may be in person) appointment, information will be gathered, measurements taken and images captured for baseline data.  This information is used along the way to monitor achievement of your personal goals.  Education is provided throughout the program.  Along your journey, you'll develop a greater sense of self awareness and become more choiceful of actions that were previously mere habits!

Regular therapy appointments consist of implementing exercises and activities to break deleterious habits and support healthier oral habits, breathing and sleep. We will monitor successes and challenges along the way.

It takes some time to change a habit, but the gains can result in a lifetime of better form, function and fitness!

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Whole Body Collaborative Care

Terri recognizes the correlation between ideal orofacial function & the rest of the body, including healthy breathing and sleep. She assesses & provides therapy to balance & strengthen orofacial muscles and improve functional breathing.  Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy provides the foundation necessary for generalized skeletal stability & prevention or reduction of pain & disability. Healthy breathing supports healthy, refreshing sleep. Terri collaborates with your team of providers creating a whole circle of support for your fitness needs.


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You may have seen the popular craze called "Mewing" online which incorporates some of the principles of OMT in therapy on yourself.  This is named after and promoted by Dr. Mike Mew. He provides good information, but keep in mind that successful & safe therapy includes professional & individualized assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation & evaluation. View his introduction here