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Healthy Breathing

Breathing. It’s the first & last thing we do in life!  Healthy breathing is diaphragmatic, quiet, and through the nose, both day & night. Mouth breathers are over-breathers, which results in lower body oxygenation and “fight or flight” hyperarousal of the sympathetic nervous system. Low body oxygenation can cause low energy and inability to concentrate, and interferes with digestion and sleep. Your physician or ENT can rule out physical obstruction in the upper airways, and breathing re-education can support functional patterns of breathing.


Mouth Breathing

Fun Fact:

We can go about 3 weeks without food, about 1 week without water, but only a few minutes without air. We give a lot of thought to what we eat & drink, but little about how we breathe. Functional breathing is measurable, observable & impactful.  Make it good!

Reduces asthma, anxiety, sleep disorders, & panic disorders.


of Healthy Breathing

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